Quantum Biophotonics

Callum Mckeaveney

Email: cm01564@surrey.ac.uk

Room: 24BB03

Callum is a postgraduate student at the QB-DTC at the University of Surrey, currently working on the conjugation of fluorescent proteins and DNA origami nanostructures. He received his integrated master’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey, UK. 

His research involves designing DNA Origami nanostructures with site-selective binding sites for fluorescent proteins and characterising the samples using time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. He believes his work has vast potential applications in the development of new quantum biosensors whilst also generating a FRET standard. He has always been interested in the intersection between physics and biology and is excited to delve deeper into this complex and fascinating field. 

Primary supervisor: Dr Youngchan Kim / Co-supervisor: Dr Wooli Bae