Quantum Biophotonics

Yojana Rai

Email: y.rai@surrey.ac.uk

Room: 03AZ04

Yojana is currently doing a Phd in Spin dynamics in Isoniazid (INH). INH is a prodrug used in the treatment of tuberculosis, but its precise activation mechanism is still debated. One of the proposed methods is via radical pair production which is also responsible for magnetoreception facilitating avian compass in animals. Yojana did BSc in Physics from the University of Hull and Pgdip in Physics from University College London (UCL) where she studied in characterising electron transport in one-dimensional semiconductor heterostructure at temperature of 1.5 K with the motive of quantum technological applications. 

Yojana is interested in studying how the quantum phenomena obtained in a controlled-cryogenic conditions can occur naturally in living beings in busy, hot and wet conditions. We seem to have this gap in our understanding of our natural world and we could possibly harness that knowledge for bio-quantum technologies of the future. 

Primary supervisor: Prof Johnjoe McFadden / Co-supervisor: Dr Youngchan Kim